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Hornady Rep. UPDATE

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Cornered a Hornady Rep. in Cabela's today and ask him how much longer until they did another run of the 220 gr 375 FP's. When he suggested I try ordering from the supply houses, I growled, snarled and informed him they haven't had any for quite some time and if Hornady didn't get some on the shelf soon everyone would be using cast. He did say they they were having trouble keeping up with the new stuff's demand, but if I would e-mail the company, mine might be the e-mail that convinced them to gear up for a run. So, if anyone else is lookin for the same bullets, e-mail em and let em know. I did tell him Thank you for getting the .430, 265 gr. FP back on the shelf. ::) DP
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Re: Hornady Rep.

I followed your suggestion and send an e-mail to Hornady about the availability of the 220 gr. or lack there of. I use that one in my 38-55 to take a six point this past season.
Re: Hornady Rep.

dpe.ahoy said:
..............if Hornady didn't get some on the shelf soon everyone would be using cast.
Or Speer. Or Sierra. You can't very well take over the market if you don't have any product on the shelves. But yeah, threatening to heat up the pot and give up jacketed bullets forever ought to get their attention. I think I'll send them an e-mail too. 8)
Re: Hornady Rep.

I have a box of these Hornadys on back order with Midway. When I placed my order, I believe the expected in-stock date was sometime next month. I just checked again and it is now end of May! :p How hard is it to find these bullets? I want to shoot my .375 Marlin sometime soon. My LGS has the 220 grain FPs on the shelf for $50/box - seems a little high.

Since we're on the subject - if and when I do find some .375 bullets - can I use my Lee .38-55 Factory Crimp die for the .375? Don't really want to buy another one if I don't have to.

Re: Hornady Rep.

Have been trying to email Hornady for the last hour or so. Keeps telling me I hve an "invalid verification code". I keep putting it in and getting it back. Anyone else having the same problem? Probably better if I call them tomorrow anyway.
Re: Hornady Rep.

I had to enter mine twice yesterday, but it did go thru the second time. DP
Re: Hornady Rep.

I keep three or four boxes of those 220's on hand all the time, and buy more when I see them. If that means I caused the shortage, well, my apologies. I like having my favorite bullets on hand, and will spend what I have to...............within reason. 8)
Re: Hornady Rep.

I do the same, but haven't seen any of them for a LOOOONG time. Don't think I've seen more than one box at a time on the shelfof the Hornady's and now none of the Sierra 200 gr. I haven't found a load with the Sierras that is as accurate as the Hornady, (yet). DP
Re: Hornady Rep.

Oh Boys!!!..........,87541.0.html
$170.00 (500) HORNADY #3705 220GR FP or $35/100 SHIPPED
$25.00 (100) SIERRA #2900 200GR
Saw this this morning and put in for 100 of the Hornady 220 gr. Thought maybe one of you wrought souls might be interested. ;) Mr fixit
Re: Hornady Rep.: Update

I did get a reply from Hornady today. They said they were going to be doing a run of 220 gr 375 FP's if a few weeks and should be shipping by the end of April. They also said they had no plans for a Flex-tip 7mm bullet to replace the FP they dropped. :mad: If anyone else would like to see that bullet made, e-mail them, they said they would consider if enough demand was heard. I think that would be great for us 7-30
Waters shooters with lever guns and could be used as a reduced load bullet for the 7mm-08, 280 and 7 mag shooters. Made to expand at lower velocities, would work great for them. I'd even use em in my 2 single shot 7-30's. Just thought I'd pass it on. Thanks for the heads up, Mr Fixit! ;) DP
"I see" said the blind man!! ;) Glad to help. Mr fixit
I think if they had any brains at all they would make all synthetic tipped bullets out of the flex material...that way they would allow their tipped bullets use in any type gun of that particular diameter...even in magazine guns the gummy points would just bump the front of the mag in recoil and maybe actually absorbing the shock that could potentially set a hard tipped bullet deeper into the case...JMHO
Calvin, I think all the bullet makers otta pay you royalties for that thought. I can see em all now, havein a "V-8 Moment". ( Aw Jeeze, why didnt I think of that!) DP
Good theory, except that gummies for leverguns have special velocity restrictions. You wouldn't want to use a gummy-tipped .308 or .300 WM bullet in your 30-30, the jacket and core would be far too stiff to expand at the lower velocities. Maybe someone could use the Nosler system, instead of different colored polymer tips for different calibers, they could have different colors for different velocity ranges! ;D ??? ;)
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