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Hornady has a 250gr "MonoFlex" bullet for the rifle such as the 45/70. Bullet dia. .458"

In their most recent loading manual, they do not list 748 as being tested.

The biggest problem with this very light for caliber bullet is, that no matter how fast you can start it, it will loose velocity and energy so fast, it could be compared to water off a ducks back.

There are much better bullets, yes, also in the Hornady line, then any of their FTX bullets.

The MonoFlex may not have the integrity issues of the 325gr version, but the very light weight is anything but desirable for hunting eating sized game animals.

With the 250gr MonoFlex, Hornady lists IMR SR-4759, RL-7, and Accurate 5744 for the Trapdoor rifles.

IMR 4198, H4198, Norma 200, VIHT N-130, RL-7, and Accurate 2015 for the Marlin 1895.

IMR 4198, VIHT N 130, RL- 7, IMR 3031, Accurate 2015, IMR 4895 and H322 for the RUGER #1

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