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I had the opportunity to shoot the H&K P30 today and wanted to post a short review. I shot the long slide version and first let me say it's a beautiful piece of German craftsmanship. It's also extremely accurate. Easily on par with a custom 1911. I shot a standard silhouette and head shots at 30 yards were no problem. At 10 yards accuracy was such you could very easily put rounds thru the same hole. The low recoil gave Very fast rapid fire shots. The sights are a three dot setup which is common. I think there are better sights but the 3 dot gets the job done.
What can I complain about? Well the trigger for one. Granted its a typical plastic trigger yet it has a easy take up (not creep) there is a solid wall that breaks cleanly and a touch of over travel. Then a surprising amount of let out to get to the reset point which seems close to the start of the take up point. I wish they had gone with something else but it is what it is, not bad but not really great. Dare I say a polished and tuned Glock trigger is better? I think so. The other deficiency is a giant and easily operated slide release. If you wrap your thumbs this is not a problem. I lay my thumbs high and one on top the other with both pointing at the target so I depress the slide release just by finger position. It's great hearing the gun go click when the slide does not lock back. Honestly I would be happy with no slide release.
HK has a ton of options on their guns and perhaps there are other factory parts that can be swapped out to improve the gun. Both these points are minor and personal preference anyway. It is a fine gun. The gun is extremely capable and not a handy cap.
If you are interested I would try one out. I think you will enjoy the experience of shooting it.
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