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New first time Marlin owner here. Recently picked up the 308 MX in a Marlin MXLR and I love it. Found this site on google and looks pretty good.

I have killed one pig with it so far and the round performed great. What all different game have yall taken with the 308 MX?
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The only game I have taken with mine was a Whitetail Doe at about 30 yards!!It was bang/flop and that was all she wrote for her shot another one later in the season at about 90 yards right at dark.I hit her too far back and I lost her but she bled like crazy!!!
Welcome to MO from central Florida!
Three bang-flop whitetail kills; but there are those here who have taken elk with their 308MX/XLR rifles.
I've taken 3 bricks, a railroad tie and about 12 milk jugs filled with water, not to mention a stack of paper targets! I love my lever rifle! Welcome ;D.
A butt load of deer an elk a couple and all kinds of vermin ;D
Nice to meet y'all. ;D

I live and hunt around Abilene, Texas. Been using bolt actions my whole life (and a AR-15 too as of here late) and came across my MXLR at a gunshow. It was pretty much brand new and it had a Nikon prostaff w/BDC reticle mounted on it. I got it for $550 from a guy walking around with it trying to sell it. I took it "out" the very next day and just happend to come across a wild boar rooting around in the mud. Needless to say, pigs are pretty much shot on sight around here and this one was no different.

My only complaint is that I picked it up right after deer season ended. I was blessed enough to harvest two deer this year with the 7mm Remington Mag, but I sure do wish I could have used the 308 XMX.
I think you will love your new 308 MXLR. I've killed, I think 12 whitetails and a coyote with mine. It's about all I hunt with anymore. It will out shoot all my bolt actions.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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