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high velocity loads

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i have played around with high velocity loads in the past and was wondering if anyone here has done the same.

right now the higest velocity i have achived safely is a 240 grain xtp bullet at 2100 fps with h110 out of my 24 inch cowboy 44 mag. they were chronoed at 15 feet from the muzzle . ten rounds and the average was 2113 with about 25fps spread.

the only thing fasted was the flex tip 225 at around 2275 or so. i did not do as much time with that load as it was not accurate at all. had to back it down to about 1900 to get some reasonable accuracy out of it.

any one have something to add? over 70 views and no posts?
seems to me that was about the top end of what the rifle could do with published loads. not real interested in going over that.
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While I don't have a chrono, I have played around with some different 44 magnum loads. I have a 1894SS and a Ruger SBH. I found out that the Hornady XTP 240 grain shoots more accurate in my 94 with 20 grains of 2400. I can get 1-1.5" groups with a scope at 100 yards. I tried some laser cast swc in 240 grain with unique and I can't remember the powder rate right now, but I know it was a lower pressure load. The lead bullets were just as accurate as the jacketed ones with the lower pressures, however the swc buulet shape made me have to double clutch the lever to get the round chambered, so I quit using it. I looked at my load data and saw that the rates for my rifle and the rates for my ruger were in the same parameters so I tried the loads in my ruger also. The XTP loads with 2400 made my hand sting, but were pretty accurate, but the lower pressure cast loads shot better in my ruger. I did get some 44 special brass and loaded some cast bullets in a "hot" load and found my ruger likes it a lot better. So my findings for my 94 is the hotter the load isn't always the most accurate. The 20 grains of 2400 isnt the hottest load in the hornady loadbook, but it shoots the best in my gun and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. Hope this helps. Dan
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