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Bassetman got my blood up with his new Nomad. I was surfing and found a High Standard B very reasonable. Gun is
not a creame puff, but a solid shooter. If it has any issues I have them covered. A few weeks ago I got a lot of HS
B parts by mistake instead of HD parts. Anyway I'm the new owner of 4" model B.

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High Standard Supermatic Military for sale


Great score.

For those interested.

I have a local internet auction house in my neighborhood. I dropped by this week to see some of the offerings. They have an auction upcoming in October. One of the over 800 arms up for auction is a High Standard Supermatic Military Target with barrel weight attachment, up for grabs and in great condition.

If interested right this down. Carol Watsons Orange Coast Auction, using Proxibid. By the middle of September the catalog will be on line.

BTW: Also, there is also a handsome selection of JM's on deck! 1894 CB 45 LC for one. In June they had a 450 and 444 JM.

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