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Hi From Divo

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Hi my name is Ivo Tavitian, i'm from Sofia - Bulgaria. It's a smoll country in eastern Europe. In all my live, i have interested abaut firearms. I wont to sey many things, but unfortunely my english is very bed :-[ Now i' m 35 old, i have license to hunt with shot gun. My is 16 kal. side by side barells IJ - 58 made in USSR circa 1960, and license to hunt with carabine. In my country it's a litlle bit deficulte to have a gun. But hunting for me is something like religion, it's e great, great thing. Abaut a few months a goo, my old dream came tru. Now i'm a proud owner of a MARLIN 1894C in .357mag caliber, i'm soo hapy ;D, and is to dificulte to exsplaine to you. I'm also have another american firearm - RUGER .357mag, it 's great company with my MARLIN. Now i feel absolutly compleet persone ;). I work in Sofia as a gunside shooting range, menager and instruktor. To discover this forum it's a big step for me. I wont to know every thing about MARLIN, history, picture, hunting story, everything about my caliber, expirionce with him. I will use this brilliannt little carabine to hunt hog, in neare distance - 50 to 80 meters in a forest place.
If you wont to ask me something, i will answer with pleasure.
Take kare, Ivo
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Welcome to Marlin Owners from central Florida. Nice to have you aboard!
Divo, welcome to MO, lots of lever guys on here to answer questions, T REX
Welcome to Marlinowners from Louisiana!!!
Good beer, Nice girls & hog hunting

You are a lucky man ;D
Divo ...

Great to have you here at This is a great place and you will love it. You have an 1894c and a Ruger in .357 mag and your other guns ... you are doing really good.

Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Howdy from Colorado. My friend shoots a marlin in 357. Now if they ever start a cowboy action shooting in your area you'll be all set! : :)
welcome from florida
Welcome from Australia.
Your english is not bad you have explained yourself well enough for us all to understand.
Welcome, from DFW, Texas
Welcome from Pennsylvania!
It is great to see people from far away finding us and reading about their love of these great firearms!

Divo, when reading about things on the forum, don't just look at subjects on the 1894, also read about the other models as they are all very similar so what works for one often works for another.

Spend some time looking through the forum's Gunsmithing section, there is a a LOT of great information in it! A great thread to keep saved to your computer is the thread on Disassembling (taking apart) the 1895. It will help you a lot with your 1894 as well.

And by all means never hesitate to ask questions.
Welcome from Indiana, usa. Do not worry about your english. It is probably better than some of ours. Congratulations on the 1894.
Welcome from Olympia, WA; in the great Pacific Northwest - MARLIN® COUNTRY!!!!!
Hi Divo, I am from a suburb of Jacksonville Florida USA. This forum is very informative and friendly. Ask all the questions you want. Someone here will answer it. Welcome Aboard. Marla
Hi from Australia, Divo. Good hunting :)
Welcome Divo. Don't worry about your English.. we are raised from birth on it and mess it up.. LOL

We have other members from your area of Europe.. but I do believe your the first from Sofia..

Welcome to our Marlin Family
Welcome to Marlin Owner's, from Maine!!! :)
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