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Hi All,
New user and first post, apologies for the length
I did read the forum rules..hopefully I have followed them correctly

Firstly .. a collective Thanks!

Thanks to the all Marlin 444 forum members for all their comments, review, advice and stories.

Well, thanks to you all, my first lever action, a Marlin in 444 Marlin is on its way.

I have been looking for a bigger calibre rifle for feral / pest animals here in Aus.
Big pigs, bigger deer such as Sambar (Rusa), Donkey, Camel and Buffalo (Water).
They are available to be hunted all year round, no bag limits /closed seasons and common to very common, on the family (and extended family) properties I do and can hunt on around Aus.

The 30-06, 308, 45-70 etc. are the most common cartridges..

So I started doing some research, 'paralysis by analysis' a forum member stated somewhere.. yep, that was me after a month or two of looking.

At this point, I pretty much decided to give up for a while and leave it.
Sometime later Watching popular gun channel 'Q and A' video on the interweb, a viewer asked the host, with his extensive knowledge of various cartridges, current and extinct,
what was the best all round cartridge? The hosts answer, "what cant 5 or 6 shots of 357 do?"

That got me thinking..I have Ruger 77's in 357 and 44 mag and they have been great for the farm and also hunting
So here was my new starting point, what cartridges that were based on these two, were available for what I wanted
After a little while.. the 444 Marlin.

Until this point, I had never heard of it, asking the local gun stores owners (here in Aus.) about it, didn't get me very far.
From..'Dont bother..its outdated', to 'Never come across it' to "Its very expensive (I didn't ask what he meant) and there are better, cheaper rounds available..why not get a 308/30-06?"

The first forums I looked at continued this and repeated the 'it wont shoot cast' and other such common beliefs

At this point, I had nearly given up again and also on the 444 but then I found a few sites and articles which made sense of all the info on the somewhat mysterious triple 4.

The first one was an article on the starline brass website
and then these

This provided some clarity on cast
Beartooth Bullets > Tech Notes > .444 Marlin- America's Most Versatile Big-Bore Part I

The one below made sense of the various updates/revisions of the Marlin models
Tell me about my Marlin 444S [Archive] - Cast Boolits

and the others in no particular order..
Lever Gun Performance Studies

and onto this one

Which lead me to
The site I needed at the start..the repository of all things 444! almost all posts..I'm not kidding..and I am working my way thorough the ones I missed!
The one site that made sense of all the info regarding the 444.

Sold!, is a sense. I had the cartridge I wanted, now for the rifle and some ammo

Here in Aus., not many rifles are available in 444.

One distributor had a single new Marlin in 444, its serial number tagged it as a 'remlin' and an expensive one at that.

The second hand gun sites listed, well not much, very little in fact..
The odd Marlin would pop up now and again, every few months. There was a Winchester (made in the early 2000's?) in excellent condition which was always available
as it was listed for $3000.00. Yep 3 grand. It might be worth that much, but there was no way I was paying that.

..and to add insult to injury, I looked at the price of ammo here in Aus.
Remington Express Rifle 240 GR SP in 444 Marlin is quite readily available.. BUT its $98 (Aus.) a packet. $98 dollars for 20! $5 a shot..
Hornady Leverevolution 265GR is ~$68 - $70 a packet of 20
What the ..

Maybe I could cast and reload..
Unprimed brass (50) ranged from $91 dollars to $130.
What the ..

At this point, I gave up again.
That's it, next week I am buying a 30-06!

But then the good luck fairy showed up.

A gunshop somewhat local (200KM away) had 5 packets of Remington for a good price, a phone call and a bit of a detour on a trip to one of the family farms
(Goat shooting in hills/scrub with the Ruger 77/44) and I had 5 packets of brand new Remington ammo for $115 dollars. $1.15 a shot.
Each packet has a price sticker of $75 on it.. (Awesome work fairy)

Right. Now I have the ammo..I need something to shoot it out of...cos they wont fit in the Rugers rotary mag..
Well, now the old fairy out did herself.
What pops up on a used gun site not a week later..

A Marlin in 444 (Love your work fairy)
21 serial number - that's a 79' model. (I love you fairy)
Excellent condition (Fairy..lets get married)
..dial the number properly..stupid fingers!

Gun dealer calls the bore somewhere between 9.5/10 and 10/10 (Fairy I cant live without you)
He is negotiable on price.. (Fairy I am now your servant!)

We do a deal on price and shipping (its 2000 km away)
I am just waiting for it to arrive.

Pics are from the dealer..

I cant recommend buying the ammo first and then the gun, but in my case it seems to have worked out pretty well.

But I can say, without this forum, I probably wouldn't have purchased the gun.
Thanks All.

Hopefully can add a few more posts in the near future, once I have firearms in hand.
P.S. Have tentatively come up with a name for the rifle.... Tinkerbelle, in honour of the fairy that helped me find it, and the hopefully magical results on .432 bullets that it shoots.

That's a joke.. I haven't named it..



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Welcome to the forum from the hills of Western Wisconsin. 444 was my first Marlin centerfire. Always regret selling it:frown::frown::frown:

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Welcome from Alabama... I assume you are from Australia and not Austria... ? I once bought a set of reloading dies so I would have an excuse to buy a rifle in that caliber...:dancing2:

Don't forget to check out our Mates on the ANZMO forum...

They're getting ready to have a muster...

Beautiful long gun! Good onya and the fairy too...
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Welcome to the Marlin family from northeast Georgia.

You will get a lot of satisfaction with the 444. Loaded Ammo can be spotty in the states also. The more I shoot my 444's, the better I like it. I am a gun collector (very small collection) and if I were forced to only have one rifle it would be a 444.

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Welcome from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest - "The "Original 444 Marlin®" Country!

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Welcome to the forum from NC. Drive on up and see me sometime, it not that far. Get your shoulder ready for a whoopin. The T4 packs a wallop, especially with Hornady Superformance loads.

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Welcome from South Florida! Congrats on your new shooter and lookin' forward to pics of it when you get her home!

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Another NC Welcome. Your triple 4 should take care of you larger game in OZ. When you get tired if it kicking your arse, look for a 38-55. At least you will have a choice and know that the addiction is kicking in..

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G'day Villa from QLD. I'll take a guess at you being from SA and the rifle from Oakey?
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