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Not just for Marlin's anymore. Finally, we have completed design/machining of our new integrated scope mount and sights sets for Henry Big Boy Steel rifles. New Ranger Point Henry Big Boy Steel scope mounts and day or night sights.

Better than Peep Sights or Ghost Ring Sights!

  • Rapid target acquisition with bright, clear sight picture (day or night);
  • Secondary “holdover” aiming point for "on the fly" shooting at greater distances;
  • Flush mounted rear sight on an optic mounting rail.

Learn more about Primary point and Secondary point aiming on the fly

Highlights: Ranger Point Backup Gun Sights and Rifle Scope Mount system

  • Rapid target acquisition and a bright, clear sight picture via a hybrid rear sight design, which combines a wide oval shaped aperture with an open top for good light throughput
    • Night sights option has glow in the dark paint that can be illuminated with a flashlight and stay glowing for 1-3 hours
  • A precise aiming point, by utilizing rear sight “reticle” bars that align with a triangular front sight
  • A means of quickly estimating secondary “holdover points” by incorporating elevation notches in the front sight triangle
  • Elevation and windage adjustable without punches and hammers


  • Front sight dovetails into factory ramp (recommend one drop of Loctite)
  • Rear sight flush mounts onto the front of our RPP Henry lever-action scope mount rails

Materials: Both the front/rear sights and scope mount rails are machined from 7075 aluminum (as strong as steel but doesn't rust) and are anodized in black. On the night sights, glow in the dark paint is charged with a flash light in minutes.

Every Ranger Point integrated backup gun sight set comes with one scope mount base, four T15 Torx screws, and one Torx star screwdriver bit; a front and rear sight set with two set screws and an allen wrench.

Rifle Sight Set + Scope Mount Base ($74.99)
Rifle Night Sight Set + Scope Mount Base ($84.99)

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