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Help with Scope Mount & Scope Purchase on Marlin 336SS

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I just purchased a 336ss and would like advice on the appropriate scope mount (base and rings (Quick Release or not?)) including ring height to clear folded down rear sight. I'm also thinking of purchasing one of two scopes the Vortex Viper (2-7X32) for $174 or the Nitrex (1.5-5X32) for $80. I would like a recommendation on which one and why.
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Welcome to Marlin Owners, and I bet you'd get more responses to this if you posted it up in the 336 section. It's sort of buried in a less-visited part of the forum here.

That aside, I've had good results with the Weaver base, which is very simple and inexpensive, and can be used with Quick Release rings.

I've also had good results with the Leupold "STD" base. No problems at all, even on a hard-kicking .45/70 Marlin.

For scopes, I've got a decided prejudice towards Leupold, but either of the two you've mentioned should do fine. Vortex seems to be gaining a good reputation quickly. My favorite lever-gun scope is the small 2.5x Leupold Ultralight. Excellent field of view, excellent eye relief and at only 8 ounces it doesn't throw off the balance of the rifle.

Regards, Guy
I will also say the same thing Guy said the Weaver and the Leupold bases are both very good bases I use both and have performed flawlessly!!!Idont have the quick release rings but I think Im gonna try some I use millet rings whish have also performed flawlessly!! I don't know anything about the Vortex scopes but I do have a buddy of mine that just bought a Nitrex scope and I will say that I am very impressed with these scopes the one he had was on a .243 it was the TR 1 series 3x10 50mm and man that sacope was ridiculously clear and for the money you just cant beat it in my opinion!!!I would put that Nitrex up against my Zeiss its that clear very impressive scope!!!Matter of fact he liked that one so much that he bought the TR 2 series same variable to put on his 7mm mag. and he bought a pair of 10x42 Binoculars!!!
I agree with both replies. I have Leupold QD rings and Leupold scope, all tied onto the rifle with EGW Weaver style bases. You can use the open sights when you remove the scope. Something else to think about.
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