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help with ammo info for my 38-55

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Newbie here needs help with info on my 38-55 marlin model 1893 i just bought.
according to the serial number 101xxx it was manufactured in 1894 (info obtained from blue book)
The barrel is round 26 in but is not marked with special smokeless steel
Question is is it unsafe to shoot modern smokeless such as Winchester super X 255grn soft point. The dealer i got the ammo from stated it should be ok because the ammo wasnt loaded very hot. I shot 3 rounds through it with no problems yet but as im new to the pre SSS marked Marlins im not looking to blow the gun and or myself up. all the other Marlins I own are marked SSS. My simple minded self wasn't thinking that it wasnt marked "Black Powder Only" because it was prior to invent of smokeless. thanks for any help you can send me! im glad I found this sight !
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Provided the rifle is in serviceable condition, the modern loads like you list are loaded "down" to blackpowder velocities and shoot be safe. If you desire to load your own, this may help. ;)
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