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Help needed

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I have a sealed tin of Nobel pistol no2 does anyone have and loading data to load .38 sp and .357 otherwise I will have to burn the powder.
I have checked out other links but cannot figger them out ..

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You're in luck Mick. I have a copy of "Reloading Simplified" by Cyril Waterworth, published 1973. It has loads for both .38spec. and .357mag using Nobel's pistol No.2.
The book gives "Max loads" and "suggested Loads".

.38 Special: Nobel's Pistol No. 2.

148gn Wadcutter or R.N. Cast Lead: Max, 4.4gn, 860fps. Suggested, 4gns, 760fps.

158gn Cast lead gas check or Jacketed: Max, 4.3gn, 870fps. Suggested, 4.1gn, 745fps.

165gn Cast lead: Max, 4.5gn, 915fps. Suggested, 4.3gn, 665fps.
.357 Magnum. Nobel's Pistol No. 2.

148gn Wadcutter or R.N. Cast Lead: Max, 4.5gn, 870fps. Suggested, 3.5gns, 690fps.

158gn Cast lead gas check or Jacketed: Max, 4.6gn, 830fps. Suggested, 3.4gn, 640fps.

165gn Cast lead: Max, 4.3gn, 830fps. Suggested, 3.5gn, 705fps.

Hope this helps Mick.


P.S. I know these loads seem a bit anemic, but I've treble checked for typos etc.
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35remington said:
Oz, could you double check the velocities posted for the 38 Spl 165 grain bullet, please?

250 fps for 0.2 grain seems kinda unlikely.
Yeah Mate, I thought the same. Could be a typo (in the book) but I thought since the charge figure isn't in doubt it can't do any harm.

moofy07 said:
Jeez Mark you must be as old as me because I have that Cyril Waterworth loading manual too. I also have a copy of the very first Nick Harvey manual also. (I told you we were old)
Wererabbit, I also have some other loads for Nobels No. 2 If you want them I will post.
G'day Graeme, I reckon you'd be older, that book was old when I got it about 15 years ago. It came with an old roo shooters 303/25 I bought for $100, great deal it had a Pecar 8X scope on it. ;D

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