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First post on this forum so if this is not the right way to try to get help, please let me know. I have read the stickies on these issues and, probably, understand them.

I have a 39a, bought new, that has been back for the gunsmith I bought it from to polish the chamber and do whatever else he said would fix the FTF and FTE. Now it fails to extract about once in 100 rounds. I might be able to live with that, but it fails to fire about once every 25 rounds. Usually fires on the second try. The same ammunition never has a FTF in my Winchester 69A.

Firing pin strike is clearly too shallow. What I don't understand is why filing on the firing pin would fix this. It seems to me that if incorrect dimensions cause one FTF, then it should never fire. I want to get this cleared up before I start removing metal. I'm in Canada and cannot get parts from Wisners.

Thanks for any help.
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