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Help me Build a 1895 Marlin SBL look alike but chambered in 30-30

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Hello I really like the look of a the 1895 Marlin sbl look but I want it in 30-30 due to ammo availability. So I have two options . Option 1 buy an older Marlin 336 SS and buy grey laminate . Option 2 buy a brand new Marlin 336 then nickel or chrome plate and buy grey laminate stock.
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Easiest and cheapest option is buy a 336ss and then find some stocks from the new ruger marlins. The other option would probably be at least several hundred dollars more expensive and the gun wouldn’t be stainless
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If you're wantin gray laminate and not concerned about original equip., You might wanna check out Boyd's Stocks.
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I'd look for the stocks and in the meantime find a place that does Cerekote and pick out a "stainless" like color. I have a rifle with such a finish and you cannot tell it from SS.

Good Luck 👍
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best option is to just by a 336BL

not mine.

gunbroker item 986001490
Find a 336 XLR cut it down, thread the muzzle.
Add a big lever if you insist.
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Welcome to the forum...from Texas
It is nice to have customized rifles...I like putting together unique combinations myself.
Sticking with the 30-30 win is a good choice I believe. They are very versatile....especially in the shorter barrel lengths.

As you have seen from others posts......there are many paths to take to achieve what you want...
I feel your first decision is ..... do you want the cross bolt safety ??....or an original JM without the safety ??

Second decision is how much $$$$ do you have or want to spend ???
It seems to me the least costly path is buying a sound used 336 and having the barrel shortened, then go the Ceracot path.

Good luck....happy shooting
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The ammo availability is bizarre to me as I find 45-70 and 30-30 at Walmart in my area, but actually see more 45-70. I saw it posted above that a 336ss with a new stock and forearm would probably be the cheapest overall, the rail may be the hardest part of it, the sights would be pretty easy
Yes we have more 45-70 near me as well.

for The rail id do the xs sights leverrail. It was factory on the Remington built SBLs. I have one on my 1894csbl from the factory. It is a nice piece and XS is a top notch company to deal with
Dont know if a link is allowed but I just checked. for $183.00 a 336 rail/sight combo could be yours from XS
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