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Hello from Northeast Indiana

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This is going to be interesting for me. I've always been a Winchester fan but through the years I've seen examples of Marlins being very accurate and of course the option of scope mounting on top. That's the main reason I traded a nice old pre-slide safety Winchester for my latest post-slide Marlin.

Marlins are heavier, bulkier, have curved instead of straight stocks, etc. To me all less than desirable attributes. But...

On this forum, I'm expecting to find folks who really like the Marlin and I'm hoping to learn all the tricks and techniques to making the most of my Marlin.

Mine is a 30-30. I do dig what a 35 can do, but don't have one yet.

Anyway, I'm interested in peep sight and scope configurations. Scope rings that will actually return to zero if removed and put back on. Combos for using fixed sights and scopes via see through rings, etc.

I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and sharing experiences.

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Welcome, from DFW, Texas...stick around, you'll soon have answers to all of your questions, and then some!
Welcome from Abilene and Goldthwaite, TX! John
Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Hello and welcome to Marlinowners from Louisiana!!!
Welcome from TN.
Thanks all! Glad to have found you!! :)
Hi ghostring, I am from northeast Florida near Jacksonville. This forum is very informative and friendly. Ask all the questions you want. Someone here usually has the answers. Welcome Aboard. Marla
Welcome to MO from Pennsylvania!!
Welcome to the forum from South Florida!
Welcome from Olympia, WA; in the great Pacific Northwest - MARLIN® COUNTRY!!!!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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