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Hello From Alberta Canada

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Hello all.
New 336W owner. Always wanted a 30-30 Marlin, finally living the dream. 25 year Canadian Army man, still giving the young guns a run for their money.
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Welcome to Marlinowners from Louisiana!!!
Welcome, from DFW, Texas
welcome from Florida
Hi CdnVet0506, I am from NE Florida near Jacksonville. This forum is very informative and friendly. Welcome Aboard.
Welcome to Marlin Owners from Eastern Ontario, Cda. (Ottawa)

I worked in military psychology in the CF for a few decades and am now a civilian employee of DND.



Team 35 # 88
Team 30-30 # 82
Keep visiting here and you will learn all sorts of tidbits about that 30-30 of yours.
Welcome from TEXAS! I have spent much time in Edmonton, working and cruising the gun shops. Hunted Pigeon Lake area a few years back. Alberta is a friendly place.

Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Welcome to MO from central Florida. What a great Marlin to start with. Enjoy!
Welcome from Olympia, WA; in the great Pacific Northwest - MARLIN® COUNTRY!!!!!
Welcome to Marlin Owner's, from Maine!!! :)
Welcome to MO from Wyo.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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