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Hello and a question for the experts

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First post, been lurking here for a long time, a recent transaction still pending has pulled me from observer status.

I understand that the Marlin serial number codes for dates seems pretty simple. First two digits subtracted from 100 leads to date of manufacture. Example, first two digits 95 would be a manufacture date of 2005.

My question, was there ever a time that anyone is aware of that this coding system would not have been observed?

I ask because I am in process of buying a 1895CB with 26" octagonal barrel.
I'm buying it from a Gander Mountain, they claim the gun is brand new in box, never used.
The gun certainly is in pristine condition.

My concern is the serial number is 991243XX, by the coding system this would make this a 2001 gun. I think the odds of finding a brand new 1895CB from 2001 very low, next to impossible. Hard to believe a 2001 could still be found new in box anywhere. Incidentally I've paid for the gun and will take delivery next week, with tax I cleared the door at $805.

Did I just find a diamond in the rough or is something wrong somewhere in your opinions?
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Welcome to Marlin Owners.

With Gander Mountain, it's possible they bought a lot of them and have warehoused them. The numbers don't lie.

I would just look at it and you should be able to tell by wear marks or handling if it has been used. Sounds like you made a good deal. Enjoy you new Cowboy.
From Gander mountain --- it is very possible that it sat in the storage room that long. I bought an LTD II several years after they were done with production at Gander Mountain. It had beem in the storage room and the employees did not bother to rotate stock. No surprise to me.
You did good :) last year I bought a Ruger carbine at a gun store NIB that was 11 years old. Half the price of the auction sites. :D I was pleased. Enjoy your good fortune..and enjoy your new rifle.
Thanks guys, really appreciate it.
A few years back I bought a brand new 40 year old Winchester 30-30. These things do happen on occasion.
I've also heard of Gander having the occasional old new stock. Like they said, Gander'll buy up a large lot of something and scatter it among a lot of stores. The 'special purpose' gun won't sell as well in a few locations, and a decade later someone finds the box in storage and puts it back out on the shelf, for someone like us to get lucky.

Based on your handle, I'd guess you were in the swamps or salt marshes somewhere around eastern NC. I'm from Beaufort, mind if I ask where yer from mate?
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