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I know some of you cats like this model Glenfield, so I thought I would give a heads up.

Saw one in the same shop where I bought mine. This one is the pressed checkered model (with the deer head motif) and if I recall correctly it had some sort of scope on it.

Looked fine to me although I did not get it down and inspect it closely.

At any rate the seller does a heap of online transfers so I'm sure you would have an inspection period.

Price was $219.00 and I believe 200.00 + tax would get it.

The shop is Doc's Gun and Pawn, Greenville, NC # is (252) 758-2020

This is the half mag rifle with the dovetailed in front sight. No crossbolt.

Oh yes ask for Mike. Lacy is a nice girl but she comes off as sort of a butt.
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