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I was not sure where to put this but I thought this would be the best place. If it is not please feel free to move it where it should be. Just in case someone is looking for one.

Here is the Ad:
Rifle is in as new condition, with a slight scuff mark on barrel just ahead of reciever. Will sent pictures on request. Made in 2001. Please furnish email address

With the following to complete your CB:
RCBS Cowboy dies
Lee 6 cavity mold .381-268 PB, with handles, from "Boomers" group buy
Lee lube & sizing kit .3815-.382
Sample bullets from Desperado .380 & Montana .381
Winchester brass 38-55 / 140 pcs.
Box of 500 Laser Cast 240gr. RNFP .380

Will ship to your FFL holder. POMO only. Shipping included !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Located in central Oregon $ 825.00
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