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Have you guys tried the Hornady 140 grain 30 cal Monoflex yet?

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I've shot several strings out of my 336 wild cat and they group very well - better than the FTX. They seem to develope the same or more pressure than the 160 grain FTX does with the same powder charge. I've not chronographed the round yet but the same charge of LVR powder shoots a 160 grain Hornady load right at 2600 fps. The monoflex bullet is very long and takes up quite a bit of case capacity which I am sure accounts for the high pressure. I'll try some in my wife's 30-30 when I have time and write up a field report. I'm shooting at public ranges these days so I don't always have a chance to set up my chronograph. If some of you have tried the bullet, let me know what powder charge seems to be working for you in the 30-30.

The link to my wild cat is below if any of you are interested.,63928.0.html
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That is a sexy lookin cartiage you have there. ;)
Yeah, it is a really nice cartridge. It is not appreciably better than the 308 mx but it is a least as good.
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