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Has anyone gotten their rifle back from Marlin repairs?

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Ok, here is the question again. Has anyone gotten their rifle back from Marlin repair?
I'm curious as it seems they are shipping out new Marlins but are not fixing/replacing the ones in for repair.
I think thats pretty crappy way to do business if this is the case.

It would seem they would try to make the past customers happy before shipping out new product and it would go a long ways towards customer satisfaction that would be reported here and all over the internet forums which would in turn drive sales for the new product.
But then I'm just a customer, what do I know.
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I've seen a few people on here that just kept calling every couple of days to see where their rifle was and it seemed to speed up the process. just bug the crap out of them it cant hurt.
Hunter, I have said the same thing a 100 times but they [Marlington] don't seem like they care at all about customer sevice! I have been waiting since end of December and they just keep saying 6 to 7 weeks! Well I can count and it's been three months and since October for some so don't hold Your breath, get Your money back or be patient I guess. I'm still waiting. Dennis P.S. This is not a rant. :) :'(
I was just curious about this. Looks like the repair situation hasn't changed. I got a refund on the one I had sent back in January.
At least they are truthful as to when you'll get your refund back.
Luckily I was able to get my 92 prefix back from a friend that I stupidly sold it to.
I sent back two 338's at the same time. They sent me an email indicating they received one...then 2 weeks later they sent me another email saying they received the other one.

Point is, they were shipped with two boxes taped together real well, forming one shipping package.

Oh, the things in life that make you go hmmmmmm........
I just dropped mine off for return and repair at the UPS hub today (yup, 91 series serial number with barrel "droop"). It took me three seperate phone calls over a six-week period before I finally received a shipping label. So now the real wait begins...
Sorry You had to join the club, It seems like it been along time since I sent My back, it was just before Cristmas. I don't know if I'll get it back! but i still wait. Dennis
i was last told the new recievers wont be in until may :'( depending where you are in line you may get yours back quicker than the rest of us ,but dont hold your breath.
i quit calling about two weeks ago,so who knows ??? ???
Huh i just called them, told em it seemed mine was ''drooping'' ,they apoligized and sent me a label. took about four days. I sent it out march 4th then called them about a week ago and they told me i was getting a replacement and mine was in a bad batch that happened after the equiptment was moved from ct. and today i gotta email saying it was shiped with a tracking number . not trying to gloat just wanted to share my experince
well by all means let us know what happins! Dennis ???
thats definitely a ray of sunshine.definitely keep us posted.i was told yesterday that they are supposed to get recievers to repair our guns this month ,raising my hopes a little,dennis ,keep yer fingers crossed this nightmare may be coming to an end(i hope)
Well I checked my tracking number this morning its in syracuse expected to be here Friday . BTW they told me mine was being replaced by one off the line . Maybe mine was just that bad I.e. droop ,tight forend , and a brass shaver !
Hey Plumber I'm starting to think I'll get mine back when Hell freezes over, so if I get My 338 MX back and I post it Beware! The END could be near!!!!! :eek: Dennis
well it came today , the tech comments read .. replace rec. reassemble rec. adjusted for proper action . checked breach... test fire. So it seems they repaired it and didnt replace which is fine. however the screw that holds the buttstock on must be in a sepeate box comming later because i just cant see a reputable company like marlin sending a repaired defective gun back to a customer ;D any ways seems i need to call em for a bolt and then its range time!!! :)
did they re stamp it? where did they put the ser#?
I got a message to from My gun dealer and He said He talked to His suppler and was told that it would be June before they start making the 338 ME again so now I'm starting to wonder if they will ever make them again? I went in there today and told Him if I didn't get it by the end of june I wanted a refund and He said He didn't know why I waited this long! I the mean time He is looking for another one and I told Him that would be fine as long as it wasn't a 91 as I didn't want to go thru this ever again. Dennis
FYI to all, Spoke with polite Customer Service Rep who was going to check on the status of my MXLR. The online Remington status on my repair ticket hadn't changed in 3 months. He said this was abnormal. So I'm still in the queue with no apparent progress... yet.
My 91 series Marlin has been at the factory since late August 2010, and I still get the same story every week when I call. (Barrell droop), awaiting new receiver.
They must be having a hard time trying to figure out how to fix let alone make a 308ME and 338ME! there In the catalog for 2011 but there are NONE for sale at all. all I came say is these Bone Heads at Remington don't have a clue and should have had better planning before they took Marlin on. I'm sure they are paying for it big time. what do you call it a Knowledge knot? I hope they learn from it. :mad: Dennis
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