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new to this forum-my question is have any of you used this rifle.I have seen only one.liked it.This will be used as a saddle rifle exclusively.How well do they shoot?I will be handloading and using premium bullets.I own a bolt action 25 06 now,just want to try this product,appears to fit scabbard well-I do need moa accuracy though thanks

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I have one in 30-06 & 30-30 they shoot very well.
Just sold my NEF SB2 Handi rifle in 45-70 today along with a Baikal SxS in 45-70 that has a hinge action so stiff Arnold Schwarzenegger probably couldn't open it without developing a hernia and it never seemed to loosen up:hmmmm:.
The Handi rifle was a good accurate rifle and my very first 45-70 but I outgrew it.
Now have 2 x Guide Guns, a Win 1886 EL & a Pedersoli 86/71 all in 45-70.
The poor old Handi rifle never got to go hunting any more.
Hopefully its new owner will take it hunting because it is a good gun.
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