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Hamburg Cabelas 336's

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Was at the Cabelas in Hamburg, PA this weekend. They had 2 nice 336's in 35 Rem. for $325 ea. One was scoped, the other was not. I would have purchased but had already purchased two other rifles this weekend. They were both in nice condition. If anyone is in the area, I hope you grab them. Nice rifles at a good price. I think they will even deal on used rifles.
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Sounds like a good buy. This is the time of year to get em! 8)
If you live in that area, like I do, there is a gun shop on the same road Route 61 called Gun Traders, about 10 minutes down the road. (near the Reading Phillies Ballfield). They have four 336 35's prices go from $325 scoped to $275 non-scoped, all JM stamped, they also have at least 5 336 30-30's in the same price range.
Wow, next time I travel to the area I'll be sure ck that shop out.
to make it easier to find for you...
Gun Traders
(610) 921-9339
3201 Pottsville Pike, #B, Reading, PA 19605
Im going to that Cabelas this coming weekend..I'll check out that gun store too :) Thanks for the info
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