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I saw 3 nice 336's at a show in Florida yesterday... The serial #'s were 09, 25 and 27. All were in the $400-$500 asking price range. I would have bought all of 'em if I could but I will have to wait for the funds to accumulate... The 09(1991 I would think) had a safety but not the others(1975 and 1973 I assume). I like the older guns, I have a 1956 39A, but I'm not opposed to the 1991 as I have a Model 9 from that year that shot great until I took the trigger group apart. The video on the Model 9 thread saved my bacon!! I love my .22 lever and would like to add a 30-30 to the stable.
Any thoughts? There was a 1959 available a short time back...
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