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Guide Gun Project Update

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Well tonight I took another step forward in my project. My end goal is to have a LTD III copy with a few personal touches. This rifle started out as a standard guide gun. I bought it used on gunbroker and the previous owner had already taken the first (and IMO one of the biggest) steps by getting the forearm thinned.

Mr. Eli Chaps was kind enough to supply me with a cowboy butt stock and this will keep me from trying to sand down my original. Here are some updated pics for you guys to look over.

Original buttstock with cowboy one next to it:

Tang fit of the original stock:

New smooth stock on the rifle:

Tang fit of the new smooth stock:

Rear of the gun:

LeverRail with XS sights:

Full Length shot of the gun:

Still to be done is a refinish on the stock, a grind to fit pad, a DRC lever, a mag tube extensions and last of all my Hunter/Scout scope. I'm keeping my trap closed on that one as I have found a scope that will be a inbetween a scout scope and a traditional scope while allowing me to still keep the XS ghost rings.
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It looks great!!! 8)
Nice fit!!!
Cool Matt, glad it got there okay. That stock fits your gun better than it did my CB that it came on!

Looking forward to watching this develop.

Nice so far!

You say you are making an LTD III copy. I was wondering if you are planning on changing to an octagon barrel and extending the mag tube?
I am going to extend the mag tube. I would love to have an octagon barrel for the looks of it, however I don't know that I can justify the cost of having that done. Everything else I am doing in my mind is functional in some sort of way, I don't think the octogan barrel would be. Money is kind of tight right now, especailly with the layoff I'm looking at. (I'm a federal employee that will be laid off if this budget doesn't pass today)
gotta love those smooth stocks! A semi-custom rifle is a joy to me too!
Very nice!!!!!

I'd like to do some work on my Guide Gun, also, since I've got the 1895CB and just got the 1894CB!!!
I think a "Cowboy Guide Gun" or possibly a "Scout" (maybe a new term for an octagonal barrel guide gun!) ;D would be a great addition (along with a longer magazine tube)!

My issue is that the GG shoots so darned well, and I don't know where to begin finding an octagonal barrel, and have it installed!
brilliant plan! my LTD III is a favorite when camping in Bear country. You are off to a good start..

That gun is looking fine! :D It is amazing how just a few things that in themselves don't seem all that much can really change and in this case give it a custom look. I really like the look of the smooth and trimmed wood..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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