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After reading the responses to my ‘30-30 or 444 for hogs’ thread I was sold on the 30-30. On Thursday I went by the local Sportsman's Warehouse and picked a 336C. Friday I made some 30-30 hand loads and cleaned the rifle up. Then Saturday I took it out to the range.

It truly is a great gun and the 30-30 is an excellent round to shoot. I was shooting it at 50 yards using the factory sights and was impressed with the accuracy I was achieving. The last four shoot group I fired (after tweaking the sights a little) had two bullet holes in the ten ring and two in the nine ring. I really can’t expect much more than that from a rifle with open sights.

To those that responded to my thread thanks for your advice and opinions. I’ll be sure to post a picture of the first hog I blast with it.

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