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Good Utility Load

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I'm looking to start reloading for my 444, and I'm wondering what ya'll here might have as a good utility load, ie; plinking, target practice, hunting load for feral hogs, mulies or whitetail. Do you prefer cast or jacketed, whichever the bullet, which brand/model do you load with? Also, I don't cast my own, so I would be looking to buy cast. Thanks.
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try 45grn H4198 w/ 240 Horn XTP. very accurate, won't beat ya to death, and works perfect for everything you spoke of.
to stay with H-4198 powder, you could get a nice lower power load with about 30 grains behind a RanchDog cast 265, or beartoothbullets 290 grain cast, plenty more power with 26 grains of H-4198 behind a beartoothbullets 405 cast, or about 42 grains of H-4198 behind a 265 or 290 for plenty of speed.

and for some good fun plinking loads, google on garrison loads of 2-3 round balls. most of the references will be to 45/70, but you can adapt the loads to .444.

.444 is a very versatile round.

50 gr / IMR 3031 / 300 gr Speer PSP or 300 gr Ranch Dog. 2100 fps, very accurate and will kill anything you're likely to point it at.
For plinking I go to my 44's ;D

For hunting game up to elk I use the 240JSP by Remington with 54grs of 3031 or, with the 265gr Hornady I use 52grs of 3031.

What exactly is a "utility load" as opposed to full power loads or practice loads or plinking loads?
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