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Good deals.....

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Local Ace hardware has a 270 and 30-06 for $258 + 8% tax.....sister store has SA calibers in stock but not sure if they are same low price. Richland, WA if you all are close...... My wallet is ~$150 short...
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I just dropped $294.00 off at gunbroker for a new XL7 25-06
Vortex Crossfire Scope $100
Dies and extra turret $50
Brass and 200 bullets $73

Lifetime of Varmint hunting.....priceless ;)
Does the $294 inc shipping?
Yea it did, just no original box. Have to pay a $25 FFL fee though. Still better than buying local!

I really wanted the 25-06, $258 is an incredible deal. There has to be a way....see if they do layaway? ;D
Wow, your local ACE sells guns! That in itself is awesome. :D
That's an awesome deal. :)
the price and the fact they sell guns is amazing....... ;D
I'm trying to scrape $300 together by selling off some extra stuff!!!
We have a BUY SELL TRADE section on our website here.
Hunting, guns, knives, etc things reasonably priced seem to go pretty quick there....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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