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Gold Lettering How did Marlin do it?

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I have a 1967 Marlin golden 39A Mountie. The Gold lettering has worn off and I would Love to redo it. This is my first ever Marlin, I have always wanted a Marlin but could not afford it. I have always used a Henry, then sold it, I decided then as soon as I could afford another 22 LR. it would be a Marlin. I have not recieved it yet, and yes I paid way to much for it but I would not have been happy with anything less. I have read on the internet and also I have used grease marker but did not like it. I would like to know what Marlin uses for the Gold Lettering? Be kind first post to this site, and Love all the info this site has.
Thanks in advance.
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This is my 1963 336 that was my grandfather's. He used something simmilar to what Silverbow posted. Scroll to top of page.,72111.msg713996.html#msg713996

After a good nights sleep and thinking about the post you made to me, and how I responded to it, I realize I have basically come to your forum and pooped in it.

For that I apologize.

I'm new here, and I wish to become a valued member of this forum., a member who in time might actually gain enough knowledge about the Marlin 39 rifle to have something to contribute to other new members.

But for now, it's obvious I know very little about 39's, and in my effort to be helpful I spread bad, and confusing, information about how my Century Limited breaks down for cleaning.

In my old age it seems more and more I am prone to run my mouth before putting my brain in gear, but truthfully I think it's a part of my character that just isn't going away.. I'll work on it, but I'm afraid it's a terminal fault of mine.

In the meantime, I do sincerely apologize to you personally for taking offense at your post, where none was intended, and I also apologize to other forum members who read my responses to you.. I didn't come here to be a pain in the butt, I came to enjoy the interaction between other folks like myself who love and appreciate the fine Marlin 39 for the fantastic rimfire rifle it is.

Another member has suggested to me that perhaps the older39's break down easier if the hammer is on half cock (on the pre-rebounding hammer rifles), but as with the 2nd screw business, I'm just repeating what I was told.

Since you are experienced, and trained as a Marlin 39 "trouble shooter", "problem solver" I would appreciate it if you would clear up that little suggestion for me too.

Again Tom, my sincere apology to you for my comments..

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Hey, No harm done, No offense taken on my end.

Welcome to the Marlin Owners Forum. This forum is the BEST place on the 'net to get answers to Marlin questions, and gather new information.

Re: Cocking the hammer to the 1/2 cock position,......... That is the way I take a 39 down, The hammer is in the right side, and the Breech bolt is in the left side............doing so, just seems easier,and cleaner, and keeps the two from scrubbing. I find it makes re-assembly a bit easier too.

On the newer guns with rebounding hammers, it is not be necessary or helpful.........I have little experience with the newer 39's.
As to the rebounding hammer..........I'm not a fan of that design change. I've had many conversations with the man that implemented that design change, but he hasn't convinced me its better.................Only that it "may" be somewhat safer......... In my's the shooter that determines the safety of the rifle.

Again, Welcome to the Group.

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Tomray Re: Cocking the hammer to the 1/2 cock position said:

Thanks for the tip.. I'll take your advice the next time I feel the need to disassemble my CL (using the unusual ONE screw method)...

Best Wishes,

I'm guessing that the gold leaf paint will work with Mrs Willy's deluxe Rem 1100. The engraving on it's receiver was originally gold filled.
Re: Gold lettering - Testors makes a wide selection of enamel paints for plastic models, and the gold works great - looks original, ans is only 3 bucks or less.

Re: breaking down the 39's - Actually, this references the reassembly...... opening the lever slightly helps a couple of mine go back together, but doesn't seem to make any difference with the others. Just sayin.............
I ended up buying the Fosters I will let everybody know how it works but it will be a little while.
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