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Well, I was going to ask for advise but I received an answer so fast that now I guess I'll just post my poem.

My sister and I have decided to give the grandchildren and those whom Dad considered grandchildren (his LONG time girlfriend's grandchildren) the gifts of money that they would have received had he lived to give them until each child reached the age of eighteen. It was Dad's wish that the money he gave go to buy savings bonds (I know... bad investment) or something similar, and indeed he gave savings bonds until the process to obtain them had become too complicated for him. I was trying to figure out the best way to give them the money without buying bonds and in a manner that would encourage investment.

Anyway, I didn't want to just send a check without something special to go with it. So... I wrote this poem and I will add a picture (as provided by their parents) of each child with "Papa" or "Grandpa Ed" as it were. Then I will obtain high quality prints on high quality stock and send these to each Grandchild along with a check for the appropriate amount.
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