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gifted a rimfire

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A little while back the Queen informed me that she was ready to learn to shoot a rifle and was interested in going to the range with me. Well,i'm 6'2" with long arms and she's "almost 5'4" the way she describes it so none of my guns fit her well. I sent her to a "Women on Target" program at the range and she liked that so i needed to get a 22 rifle for her to shoot. I was telling my shooting buddy about it, how i'd need something with a 12-12 1/2" LOP, how i was thinking about a used rifle in case her interest went away,something i could cut down etc. He just came in my door with a Marlin Model 122 Auto Safe single shot bolt action and said "here,i've had this awhile, don't need it,take it and set it up for your wife's first rifle." And i said thank you very much. Pretty neat little rifle,has a bullseye, a nicely figured
stock(looks like walnut to me). My lucky day......
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Nice friend!
Sounds more like your wifes lucky day. :D Now thats what you call a good buddy. ;D I hope you and your wife enjoy shooting together.I know me and my wife do.Good luck to you. JD
Let's see some pics!
I'm gonna refinish the wood on this rifle before i post pics. Took it to the range today for test firing. No scope yet, just fired it to check function with the factory open sights.Sweet little rifle. I was reading somewhere that these rifles were made in the sixties and they only made 6,000 or so. I can see why. With such a nice piece of wood and all they probly didn't make a dime on em....Mike
You're lucky to have a such a good friend and lucky to have a wife interested in shooting. But beware, she may start out shooting you and then you'll never hear the end of it :), Lonnie.
Just as long as nobody looks at that gifted rimfire in the muzzle.
cody77 said:
Let's see some pics!
Free is always good!

That makes the rifle shoot a little better!!
Anything free is worth saving up for. ;D ;D ;D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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