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Hey all.

It started life as a basic 336W I picked up as a "new" Marlin made leftover.

After snatching a sling on ebay and making my own white butt-plate spacer, I added a scope. Now its something more like this...

A good friend of mine and I went to sight in a few rifles today and I found my cross-hairs to be crooked. I could have sworn they were straight when I mounted it, but oh well. After fumbling and moving, I had them straight and pretty good on paper. I get home and it looks crooked again. It's almost like they are rotating with any kind of vibration.

Well I picked this scope up second hand, and I wanted to know if anyone on here has used the Cabela's branded lever gun scope. I think mine will take a spot on the shelf for now.

I don't like this Marshield finish, it looks like plastic. I am torn between a blond stain and trying a "peppered" look with a coat of ebony.

So far I'm happy with this rifle, but I need more!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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