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G'day from millmerran Queensland Australia

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Hi just saying hello waiting on my first marlin to turn up found myself a .375 for a bargain price of $ 550 a very good freind of mine has had marlins for a long time and he has slowly turned me I love my levers have a couple look forward to all the knowledge on this site from you guys and gals have learnt a few things on here already like to say hi to hunter 30-30 and out west 64 ;D ;D ;D
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Welcome from South Florida!
Welcome Mawer!

THAT is a great price! Even better in Oz $!

Welcome to Marlin Owner's, from Maine!!! :)

Enjoy that new rifle of yours!!! 8)
Welcome from Abilene and Goldthwaite, TX! John
Welcome, from DFW, Texas
Hello from Oregon. will be fun having you here,Don't be bashfull :)
Welcome to MarlinOwners from central Florida!
G'day from the Sunshine Coast ;D
Welcome from central Kansas USA! You found the right place!
Hello and welcome to Marlinowners from Louisiana!!!!
Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Welcome to MO from S.E. Pennsylvania!!
Hi and welcome from Bundaberg, Queensland. I was going to tell you what a friendly bunch of people are on this site. Also there are quite a few Aussies as well, but I see you already know that.
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone
G'day and welcome from a bloke not to far east from you in Brisse,love the levers as well. I have two Marlin cowboys one in 45-70 the other in 44 magnum and two Winchester 1892's,a 32-20 and the other in 25-20 all with octagon barrels
regards and see you on the forums
Welcome to MO from Westminster, Colorado!
G'day to you too, and to any one else I've missed lately.

1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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