Full box of 338 Marlin Express 200-grain FTX. $60.00 including shipping via UPS. You pick up in Tucson, AZ $45.00.
The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale, followed by a PM to work out the details.
Gas Rectangle Automotive tire Plastic bag Bumper

100 NEW 32 Short Colt brass, 50 primed and 50 unprimed plus 100 32 cal heeled bullets all for $130 dollars including shipping. Has to be shipped as ammo because some of the cases are primed. The bullets fit the cases perfectly; so, all you need to do is add propellant, prime and crimp. You can use a Lee 30 caliber factory crimp die to crimp by inserting the cartridge from the top. You can make a shell holder/die by trimming a piece of thick plastic or wood of appropriate thickness to fit the top of the die and drill a hole through the center the diameter of the case. Fit it to the top of the die, put the loaded round in upside down and close the press like you were crimping a normal round. The neck tension is enough to hold the bullet in place while you crimp. If you have one of the newer Lyman hand presses, you can work it upside down using the same process, should you be worried about the bullet falling out. Lyman 310 tool in picture not available ATT.
The first to post "I'll take it," wins the sale, followed by a PM to work out the details.