Okay Gents, last lot of reloading components I’m going to part out. This time, including some ammunition I’m going to let go. Some of the ammo is quite collectible now. Open to negotiations or trades if no one beats you to the item. Primed brass/ammo goes UPS. Everything else goes USPS flat rate. I will combine shipping on everything able. As always, first to post “I’ll take it followed by a PM” gets it. Lots are numbered.

Components First:

1) 44 MAG/ 44 SPC bullet lot: 600 + .430 Hornady Lead SWC. $50.

2) Hornady 300 gr .375 bullets. 50. RN. $20. SPF to tncharlie


3) RCBS three die set 45/70: $35 SPF TO MCNANYSA

4) RCBS two die set with S/H .22 Hornet: $35 Drop to $30

5) RCBS two die set with S/H 30-06: $35 Drop to $30

6) RCBS three die set 45/90: $35 SPF TO CJ57

7) RCBS three die set .45 Colt: $30 SPF TO CJ57

8) RCBS two die set with S/H 7MM MAG: $35 Drop to $30

9) RCBS 32-40 seater die: $15 drop to $12 SPF to tncharlie

10) Lyman Double Adjustable 38-55 die: $18 Drop to $15 SPF to tncharlie

11) Lee .44 Carbide Factory Crimp Die: $12 Drop to $10 SPF to tncharlie

12) Pacific Dies two die 30/30 WIN set. Kind of a neat old set from a company long since closed: $25 Drop to $22


13) 181 Pieces of Mixed head stamp tumbled 32-20 once fired brass: $75 SPF TO ATCDOKTOR

14) Mixed .270 WIN brass once fired and tumbled, 77 pieces: $20. Drop to $15

15) 200 pieces of new old stock Winchester U3855 38-55 Winchester brass, PRIMED. $150. Will split if no one jumps on it. SPF TO MCNANYSA

16) A TON (1,000 plus) pieces of .308 once fired brass, mostly mil headstamps. Has been tumbled and any junk was tossed out in that process. $20/100.

17) Mixed headstamp .303 British brass. 87 PRIMED and 36 unprimed. $45. SPF TO kobeinu.

Powder (local pickup only)

18) Four unopened cans of Ramshot TAC: $140.

19) Two old one pound cans of IMR4831: $55.

20) One old one pound can of H4198: $25.

AMMO (yes the collectible stuff is not cheap, but I’m letting them go for far less than they are consistently ending at on the auction sites).

21) One full box of original Imperial 32-40 170 gr KKSP, some writing on the box but still in good shape with good colors: $75. Drop to $70

22) One full original “Kleanbore” Remington box of .219 Zipper. The mushroom bullet. Ammo is clean and box is good for age. $75. Drop to $70. SPF to vt4ster

23) One full original original Winchester Lubaloy .218 Bee (50 rounds 46 gr HP): $75. Drop to $70

24) 7MM REM MAG, 2 full boxes Remington 150 gr Corelokts, 2 full boxes HSM 140 gr Sierra Gamekings, 1 partial box (13 rounds) of the Remington black tipped Sciroccos, 1 partial box (17 rounds) nickel Federal 160 gr trophy bonded: $180.

25) Full box Bullseye 45/70 405 gr. LFP: $45. SPF TO DK0203

26) Assorted .303 British ammunition. Two full boxes of Winchester 180 gr. Power point. One full box of Remington 215 grain soft point. One partial box of Remington 215 grain with the old Kleanbore box (17 rounds but five rounds of Winchester are in there). One partial box of Remington 180 grain core lokt (14 rounds). One partial box in an old Winchester super speed box that has 17 rounds of primarily military head stamped rounds from the late 30s. $130. SPF TO 256winmag.


27) Lyman Microtouch 1500 Scale, brand new, post recall: $60. Drop to $50.

28) LEE ergo prime hand primer, brand new, believe these were discontinued for the cheaper less comfortable model: $40. Throwing in several different shell holders with it.

Added (edit forgot to add)

29) 9 boxes of factory Federal American Eagle .308 150 gr ball (180 rounds): $225. Drop to $210