So, in my reloading adventures and load development, I have either acquired things I will not use or ended up with a bunch of excess stuff trading here and there. All items will ship USPS Flat Rate (on your dime). I will combine shipping on anything and everything you want to buy. You know the rules, first to post “I’LL take it” followed by a PM wins!

45-70 Bullets
Vance Bullets 350 gr RNFP .458 new box of 200: $60
M&P Cast Bullet Company 350 gr .458 box of 50: $15
Western Bullet Company 410 gr SWC bag of 50, shows NEI #458.410 mold (2): $15 each.
Western Bullet Company 300 gr FNGC bag of 50, shows RCBS #45-300-FN mold: $15
Western Bullet Company 330 gr FN HP bag of 50, shows Lyman 457122 mold: $15
Remington 300 gr jacketed HP bag of 50: $25 SPF to ballistics04. Rest of bullets SPF to ATCDoktor.
TAKE THE REMAINDER OF 45/70 bullets for $120 and I will include about 30 pieces of once fired Hornady “short” brass for the 45/70 that I’m not going to use and a partial bag (20 or so) of Western Bullet Company 330 gr cast HPs that I’m not using. All 45/70 bullets SPF.

.32 CAL
2 brand new boxes of Hornady .321 170gr FP Interlock (#3210). These have a crimp groove for .32 Special but I have used them in the 32-40 as well. $32 each. $60 for both. SPF to ballistics04.

.45 Colt
Full box of 100 265gr semi-wadcutter style from Clements Custom Casting. Box is old but bullets still look brand new. Plus a 1/3 box or so of Sierra HP (#8820) 240 gr. $20. SPF to ere.

.30 Cal
New box Hornady 150 gr .308 Round Nose Interlocks, for 30-30 mainly: $30. SPF to ballistics04.

Other Items
Winchester .44 Magnum Brass, brand new, unopened 100 count bag (2): $35 each. 1 bag SPF to ballistics04. Second bag SPF to vt4ster
Winchester .45 Colt Brass, brand new unopened 100 count bag (2): $35 each. SPF to ere and ballistics04 respectively.

Lee Ergo Prime Hand Primer with shell holders 3,4,11. Brand new never used. Believe it has since been discontinued. Nice primer I just have another one I’ve used. Last item remaining. I will go $50 shipped to pass it on to someone that will make good use of it!
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