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Front sight height for express sight

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Hello folks, I am currently separated from my rifle ( approximately 9000 miles) and am trying to determine what front sight height I will need for my rifle. I have an 1895ABL with 18.5" barrel, I am going to have installed the Skinner Express sight on the rear and want a sourdough front sight. I understand the express sight sits lower than the factory which is why I am asking how tall the front sight needs to be. I am trying to get everything ordered so that I can send it off to be customized some and made mine. I appreciate any and all input from you.

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Hello Doug,

I've been shooting some of the Express sights on different rifles and loving them. The sight picture is the same as our standard sights but they look so nice on the gun. And as you noted, they are 1/16" lower on the 1895/336 than our standard sights.

What I'm experiencing with the Guide guns (45-70) is with heavier loads one does not need much more height on the front sight than the factory issues. About .050" to .075".

Consequently, our guide series sights usually need to be trimmed down quite a ways since we ship them at .500" to allow for all variations and gun/ammo combinations.

If we made you a sourdough approx. .375" tall it would most likely work well with your rifle.

Sticking my neck out to say that but you are a long ways from your rifle and I know there is no way to "shoot-N-see"

Hope that helps!

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That does indeed help. Thank you very much for all the great info.

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