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Originally posted by DJH
You will have to get a Straight Stock, Trigger Guard Plate, and Lever.

(1) Remove the pistol grip stock by removing the 2 tang screws and pulling stock straight back. (Do not move stock up and down, straight back only).
(2) Remove the Lever by opening and removing the one lever screw like you would if you were going to clean the gun.
(3) Remove the 3 screws that hold the Trigger Guard Plate in the receiver and remove the plate.
(4) Move the parts from the pistol grip trigger guard plate over to the straight trigger guard plate and reinstall in the receiver.

Be sure to hold the trigger to the rear to clear the hammer when reinstalling the plate back in the receiver.
I usually do this process with the gun upside down or to it's side so the locking bolt will not fall out of the receiver. (If it does no problem, just drop it back into position)before reassembly.

(5) Install new straight stock.
Fairly simple process. I have done the process in both directions many times and have never encounter any difficulties in the installation or operation of the gun.

The process is the same for the Models 336, 1894, and 1895.

Swany here, 336, 444 and 1895 parts are the same not cal specific

94 parts are the same not cal specific.

Forearm swaps must be either end cap or bbl band they will not interchange.
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