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Mrbumps, I'm the lucky winner of the one you were watching on gunbroker, I bit the bullet and cast my bid, more than I wanted to pay by a few hundred, but it is in perfect shape minus the factory box. I could never find another like it, it will look nice setting with my 444p and 1895gs in the gun rack. I've always wanted one and had to pull the trigger on it! Pics will come as soon as I recieve it in a week or two!
Congrats! You will NOT regret it. I've got a super clean 1894p as well, that shoots MOA with WWB 240 grain JSP. One of my favorite rifles! The first time I ever saw an 1894p (maybe 10 yrs ago) was at a gunshow... I really wanted it, but I had never seen one before so I passed on it, thinking that $800 seemed a little steep. >.< Back then you could still find the usual 1894 in .44 for $600ish.

Spent the better part of a year after that tracking one down, and it cost me $850, but I wouldn't sell it for twice that much. I love the way the magazine tube is dovetailed to the barrel instead of the usual clamp.

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