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found a golden cadilac 39a JM

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I was in the market for a new 22 to pass down to my grandson. I wanted a 39a but with all trouble everyone is having with the new ones i decided on a Henry H004 golden boy. I stopped by the local mom and pop shop to see what they had in stock. he had a couple of Henry's and to my surprise he had a Marlin golden 39a JM ser. # 9230xxxxxx. i think that makes it a 2008. correct me if im wrong.
i checked it over real good and it seems like well made rifle. $536.00. so i am the new proud owner. ;D ;D

It has been confirmed that i have a severe case of Marlinitis!! :eek: ;D ;D ;D i have bought 3 new Marlin rifles in past 30 days.
XS7 243 REP
XL7 270 JM
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Congrads on your find. I bet you will be very happy with it. If it does give you some problems (FTF, FTE) there are some instructions in the reference section that can help you out with them. I have a couple of the newer ones with the safety and mine shoot great!

You're in for lots of cheap shootin' fun,
-Bob George
thanks bob, i am very excited to own a real 39a. i undersand the main problem is the ejector. what ammo does yours like best??
I've been shooting the Remington (oops, there's that word) golden bulk ammo and the Winchester 333 bulk. I've had no real problems with either. The one rifle is a 1897 Century Limited made in 1997 and the other is a 2008 vintage Golden 39A.

-Bob George
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