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forearm a little loose

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Want to shim the front end of the forearm on my 336 to stop the slight looseness - any thoughts on a good material to use?
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I used a piece of a business card to do one of mine.
I thought about paper, but thought that my wet Michigan climate would not like that option.
Might snug up by itself once winters over.
You could always use a 2 part epoxy to build up whatever surface needs a little thickness. This way, you can sand/file the epoxy buildup to whatever thickness is needed. Also, I've learned that it is is very helpful to mix in a filler such as fine sawdust into the epoxy mixture as this will help tremendously when you are sanding the epoxy since cured epoxy can be very hard stuff.
I used electical tape to fix the same issue on my Henry levergun.
I dont know how bad it is but I'd just bed it to the reciever if it was mine & it bugged me. Coat the reciever front with release agent as well was around the front. Useing a toothpick or something similar place a small ammount of epoxy bedding (I use acra glass) material around the forend where it fits into the reciever and reassemble it. If you didn't use too much it wont ooze out but if it does just wipe it off while fresh. Once its cured your forend will be a perfect fit for the reciever.

Double sided foam tape, found in any glass shop.
I went with electrical tape because that is what I found first! I will see how it holds up. thanks for the help.

;D ;D We are never content with what we have are we? jayghmi works to tighten up his fore end because it is loose. I work for hours to make mine loose because it's tight.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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