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I forget which thread it was but someone wanted to put a Ramline stock on a 336BL. Now these BL's have a fore-end cap and not the barrel band that the Ramline requires. So, I tried out a 336C barrel-band fore arm on my mongrel and posted a picture so the OP could see what he might encounter. Gee, that funny though... Oh, nothing. It's just that I think it looks better with a barrel band and the slimmer carbine fore arm rather than the rifle's fore-arm. Here's a gratuitous assault on your senses:

Firearm Gun Rifle Trigger Air gun

(Click to enlarge the abomination)

I know that most of you don't want to see such trash on a Marlin site (genuflect when you say that, pal!) , especially a 50%-50% cotton/polyester blend of pure-as-the-driven-snow JM Marlin (pre-safety!!!) receiver and unclean dirty caca REP Remlin barrel... However for the sake of amusement and so that you may ridicule me, which I so richly deserve; here we are.

All that had to be done was two cuts; one in the barrel and one very shallow one in the BL magazine tube. This is so the rear (and only) barrel band screw will fit. The fore-end cap tenon dovetail sits just after the fore-end wood... huh... end and just above the sling doohickey. (Notice my access to correct industry terminology!) Not really noticeable, and I may not even fill it with a dovetail blank. Who knows, next week I may install an AR13 mid-length Magpul hand-guard on it. The magazine continues to attach to the barrel via the 336BL's tenon post and screw method. No front barrel band here. It wouldn't fit anyway because of the diameter of the barrel at the new mounting point is further rearward and therefore larger than on a 20" barrel.
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