Okay gents, this is a lot of stuff. I purchased a very large amount of supplies, components, and equipment from a defunct commercial reloading business. I am not looking to make money at all, simply passing on my good fortune to members here who need some of these components. I will post pictures as able, it’s a lot of stuff. I am not dealing with shipping ammo/primers right now, but if you are local to southern NH and want to pick up, those types of items are here as well and marked accordingly.

Ammo, Components & Reloading Items:

.44 Caliber Bullets (100 count boxes unless otherwise noted):

Speer #4447 .429 240 gr jacketed soft point. Three boxes at $25 a piece. SPF to 10acres.
Speer #4457.429 240 gr magnum soft point. One box. $25. SPF to 10acres.

Hornady old style box .430 240 gr Lead SWC. Two boxes. $15 a piece. Still available.
Hornady old style box .430 240 gr HP. Two boxes. $25 a box. HPs spf to andy61.
Hornady box of 400 (it’s marked 500 with a 4 drawn over the 5 in 500 so I’m going with that, but it’s full to the top) 240 gr lead SWC. $50. Still available.

If you take the 400 box of Hornady SWC (which might actually be more) and the two 100 count boxes, you can have them all for $65.

Remington .430 240 grain soft point that has two cannelures (B22906). Looks like one for .44 and one for .444. $32. SPF to 10acres.


Brand New old stock Winchester .38-55 brass, all new in the Winchester 20 count boxes. I have 400 pieces unprimed at $60/100. I have 1,000 pieces PRIMED at $70/100 for local pick up only on the primed stuff. 400 Unprimed brass all SPF to ATCDoktor.

Update: found a bad of primed once fired .270 WIN brass and a bag of once fired .270 WIN brass. Not sure exact count yet. Call it 40 cents a piece on primed and 30 cents a piece unprimed if you take it all (we’re talking a couple to a few hundred pieces not thousands). We can work out the exact count and details.

Update: Found 102 more pieces unprimed 38-55 that can go. 60 are new Winchester in the boxes. The other 42 are once fired in Winchester boxes with mixed head-stamps. $50.00. These pieces as well as the primed brass still available.


Brand new Starline .45 COLT Brass. $30/100. 1,000 available. All pieces SPF.
UPDATE: There is actually probably another 500 pieces of Starline .45 Colt brass. So those are now available. I’ll count them out if someone decides to take them. If it is a few short, we’ll adjust price accordingly. But for now, assume there are another 500 pieces .45 Colt. 200 SPF and 300 left. Decided I’ll just hold on to the last 300 for a rainy day so all the .45 Colt is gone.

Remington .32-20 once fired complete box of 50 with the Remington box still and a neat old school empty Winchester 32-20 box. $25. SPF to ojaileveraction.

Large box of Remington factory NEW .44 MAG brass. Box is marked 1,000 and full to the top. I’m not counting them individually but it looks like 1,000 to me. $250. SPF.

A ton of .308 and 30-06 brass, once fired, of various makes. $15 per 100 pieces. I will throw in a handful extra in each bag of 100 as well to account for tarnish or any less than good brass. Let’s call it 500 pieces of each caliber available right now so we can have some gist of a drop point on the ad.

Brand new old stock Remington “Kleanbore” unprimed .280 Remington brass still sealed in the boxes which are in very good shape. 20 count boxes. Collectible let alone hard to find brass. Yours for $20 each. Withdrawn.

New Winchester .284 WIN brass.101 pieces in a bag. $60. Withdrawn.


RCBS three die set .444 Marlin. $35. SPF to ere.

Two Lyman 38-55 seating dies that look unused. $15 a piece. One sold pending funds. One available.

One Lee 32-40 full length sizing die. $15.

One Lee .44 MAG/SPC carbide factory crimp die. $15.

RCBS unused three piece Case Forming Set for 38-56 from 45/70. $35. SPF.

Primers (if you are local only):

Remington 9 1/2 LRP 900 count for $55. Still available.

Remington 9 1/2 MAG LRP. Approx 600 count for $35. Still available.

Remington 6 1/2 primers. Just under 1,000 (one sleeve is missing 10 or so). $60. Still available.

CCI #100 Large Rifle MAG. 600 count for $35. Still available.

Winchester small pistol primers. Three bricks of 1,000 at $60 each. SPF to mainiac.

CCI # 200 large rifle primers. Two bricks of 1,000 at $60 each. SPF to mainiac.

Powder for local pick up only

Old stock can of H4198 that doesn’t appear to be opened. $30. Still available.

Couple old stock cans of the DuPont IMR 4831. One is definitely full. One is easily greater than 85% full. $55 for both. Still available.

I feel like I’m pretty low here. Like I said, I am just trying to pay my good fortune forward to my fellow reloaders on here. Again, no shipping on powder or primers, local pick up only. Everything else is USPS flat rate.

Shipping: USPS flat rate at actual cost for whatever you purchase. Some items local pick up only.

I’m sure I’ll update with more. I’m still going through it all and setting aside the things I need.

The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale, followed by a PM to work out the details.