This rifle as was posted a week ago in another thread and pictured below has bluing that is in VGC+ condition and the stock in VGC with the detraction of initials lightly carved the butt stock near the tang.
There are 360 rounds of factory 35 Rem (200 rounds Remington 200 grain CoreLokts 60 LeverRevolution) available with the purchase @ 40.00 per box plus shipping. The rifle and ammo would/will be shipped separately. Any leftover non-purchased ammo after the sale will be available at 50.00 per box plus shipping.

100 rounds included in the sale.

No shipping or sale to restrictive states and or cities, please know your laws as I will carefully research them prior to delivery.

For well established members here on MO’s;
I live in CT with a LTC and as such could do an in person DPS-3 transfer in CT.
I own property in Maine and am allowed to sell to another Maine resident.
The original purchase of this rifle was in NH and same goes with doing a FTF there to another NH resident.

The rifle, shipping and insurance included to nonrestricted destinations of the lower 48 is included in price.

Purchaser’s FFL must be willing to accept shipment from a private seller.

1850.00 for rifle and ammo priced as stated above. Comes with the receiver sight and sling pictured.

Postal Money order before shipment and cash with in person transfer.

First I'll take it followed by a confirmation PM wins the sale along with all Forum rules applied.

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