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Fondled a Remington SBL today!

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I saw one at the gunshow. Well it looked ok! I picked it up and tried to work the lever and it didn't move! I looked down to see if it had a wire tie around the lever as some guns did! Nope no wire tie! I pushed a bit harder on the lever and it opened. VERY stiff. There was a big score mark the length of the bolt! I wasn't impressed. If it wasn't so stiff I think I might be able to smooth it out, but pushing $900 it was too stiff for me! Sorry Remington you still have quite a ways to go!

As I was leaving the gun show today we met a guy on the way out with a beautiful new looking Camp 9 for $375!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

If I had seen him before I bought my ported GS it would have been mine! ;D
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I cannot blame you for putting the rifle back down, especially for 900 big ones. I really cannot understand Remington sending stuff out like this. I am sure there is no final inspection. It's funny, you can go and buy a cheap as you like chinese rifle and it cycles and works (not super smooth) but at least you get what you pay for.
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