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I meant to post this quite awhile ago but just didn't get around to it. I looked for the original post to see where I left off but will have to wing it as it's gone. SO - getting back up to speed...

The tale concerned the tiny Alaskan community of Choking on Fishbones - Choke for short. The heroine is the lovely Flossie - cutie from the midwest who came this way looking for love & adventure. And found it! :D In the form of Morrie, manager of the Choke Regional Air Port. Flossie works mornings at the Truck stop/C-store/post office/multi-function place and evenings in the Choke Pub & Restraunt spilling beer on people while hanging out with her sweetie & pals.

Other prominent folks in Choke are the Petrovs - Granny, a survivor of the brutal, murderous Stalin gov't in Russia... Pete & Pete, her twin sons... Kira & Katya, their twin wives also from Russia( and beautiful ones, at that!)

Chuck & Chick Umchak - sole residents of Umchak Island. Chuck is unfaithful to Chick & she carries on with the local law enforcement person, Bosco... Who owns & runs the Choke-Umchak Nautical Terminal in addition to his duties as Fishbone County deputy sheriff.

This final episode concerns the outcome of Granny Petrov's matchmaking for Mikey - mechanic at the airport. She hooked him up with Alena, cousin to Kira & Katya Petrov. And a BABE! :shock: Lord have mercy; she is BEAUTIFUL! I believe in the last episode, I mentioned Alena & Mikey had hit it off pretty well... Alena & Katya had spied on him & found he was a hard-working, honest, faithful sort of guy. Non-drinker or smoker & kind to animals - JUST what Alena had in mind! :D

Mikey is not the fellow's real name - he closely resembles the person of that name on the TV program featuring the dysfunctional family of custom motorcycle builders and is called nothing else. Folks have called him Mikey for so long, he scarcely responds to any other name. He is well-regarded in the community & the Petrovs have gone to some lengths to get him & Alena together. With success!

The episode begins with Alena taking a small boat across the short distance to see Chick Umchak about some crabs & other seafood for a nice dinner she wants to make for Mikey. They cook for each other & today is her turn. She has been over to Umchak island before and has become close friends with Chick. Also very attached to the harbor seal which hangs around the small dock mooching fish parts.

First time she saw the seal, she squealed with delight and sat cross-legged there until she was able to coax it near for some peanut butter wafers. The kind that look like slabs of tan tiles - very crispy with a creamy peanut butter filling. They float well, and the seal became quite fond of them - and of Alena. Her kindness to animals quickly gained her Chick's favor for they had other things in common, too.

Alena tied her boat to the dock & waved to Chick who was retrieving some crab pots not far away. Chick shouted for Alena to help herself to some tea & Alena yelled she would after she greeted Sasha ( the seal). The seal left the water, waddling up the dock to nuzzle her face with stiff whiskers reeking of fish. Alena didn't mind; she giggled and urged her wild friend to perform a couple of small tricks with a ball before giving it some cookies. Accepting one more smelly kiss from the seal, she dusted the crumbs from her hand, petting Sasha once more before going to the house. She playfully put a finger to her lips & told the seal not to go bragging around about giving her a 'seal smacker' as her real sweetie would be jealous & hurt. (I doubt the seal made any such pledge - they are notorious gossips! :wink: )

The tea pot had quit whistling & progressed directly to a shriek. Turning the flame down, she made herself a cup & was considering Chick's wedding pics which hung not far from the table.

Without warning, a rough hand gripped her right arm, twisting it savagely behind her back. Aside from the pain, Alena's first sensation was to notice the small of alcohol - coming from her assailant's breath. Struggling wildly, she could see Chick was still hauling in crab pots & would not be ashore any time soon. She also happened to see her attacker's reflection in the kitchen window - it was Bosco! Wearing nothing but a short bathrobe & a leer! :shock:

"Let me go, Bosco! You will being in serious trouble with sheriff for this!!"

"Aw, stettle down, ya Russky bimbo! I ain't gonna hurt ya - I just wanna show ya what you are missing carrying on with fatso Mikey. I've seen the way you waltz around - you ain't so innocent as you want folks to think... are ya?" He twisted her arm a little tighter. Just before he found himself face-down on the floor - that location having been reached via the short-cut of having his face bounced off the wall a number of times. He had a knee in his back - in a very painful way, his head was hauled back by an iron grip of his hair, exposing his throat to the extremely sharp blade of Alena's knife.

"Mikey is not fatso!!!" she screamed. "You taking that back right now!!" The tip of the blade dug into Bosco's throat, starting a small trickle of blood. He tried to scream, but the blade bit deeper. "You scream - I stab! Now taking back ugly things you say about Mikey!"

"Okay okay!! I take it all back. Now let me up or you will be in jail for assault. You'll get your visa revoked for this, you... ( nasty name here)

"No! I am not going back to Rossiya! I am staying here with Mikey!!"

"What makes you think you won't be in a heap of trouble - not to mention jail? Chick will be back soon and I will have a witness!" Stabbing the knife into the wooden floor, Alena wrenched Bosco's head painfully sideways so he could see the rage on her face.

"Okay, ( another vile name) You are ever hearing of ( name of prominent Russian oprganized crime boss - VERY well known to law enforcement) Bosco attempted to nod. "He is my father!!! And he has checked you out. He and I know EVERYTHING about you!"

"Like what?" He croaked feebly - she had not lessened her iron grip a bit.

"Like your illegal business deals. Like the Cuban cigars in your storage shed - that the real Cuban cigars are only in the top left box of each case - that the rest are Central American counterfeits - that you have Kalashnikovs hidden below your boat shop - like the big bundle of money you took from Chinese slavers to feed the girls they were taking to Japan via Alaska..."

"You can't prove the part about the slavers!!! he protested frantically.

...Like the 4 kilos of cocaine in your bottom dresser drawer you took from flatland polar bear hunters. Who were going to try & sell it to Russian trawler captain. Who works for my father... Want me to go on, scum?" The knife point went back to his throat.

"But... but how did you know?...." He sobbed a couple times, and not just from the pain the slight girl was causing him.

"Working for my father are ex-KGB, MVD and Spetsnaz. They found the cocaine while you slept 3 feet away. They are consumate assassins, and your life is worth NOTHING! Especially now!" Bosco broke down & began blubbering.

"What do you want from me? Don't rat me out, Alena!!"

"You good for nothink... ( very vile epithet) First, you will marry Chick. She is too good for you, but she loves you... you ( pick your own nasty word here) You will be faithful to her! Or you will be singing in high voice courtesy of ex-convict from toughest prison in Rossiya! You will have children and maintain a normal lifestyle! Bringing NO undue attention to town of Choke. Father will be taking over you boat shop - if you somehow redeem yourself, he may allow you a cigar concession.

You playingk ball with Father's men, you will be left alone... after Father beats you bloody for trying to assault me! After I do the same - you are stupid for thinking just because I am attractive does not mean I might not have black belt in karate!" She glanced up to see Chick making her boat fast to the dock & tossing Sasha a small fish. She quickly rolled off Bosco and allowed him to rise.

"One more think, ( vile name again) THIS is for tryingk to hurt me!" He instantly found himself on the floor again and was writhing from the excrutiating pain of having been kicked very hard where he least wanted to be kicked. "Outof here and into the shower, scum!" Somehow, he removed himself, and Alena went to help her friend in with the fresh catch....

*some months later*... A beautiful young lady and a hard-looking man are sitting in a black limousine, conversing earnestly. While the tough man wears the scars of many conflicts, his actions hint of a deep affection for the girl. And hers are the same for him... Several toughs in black surround the car, providing security, their Krinkovs & MP-5s carefully concealed.

"Silly girl, I suppose you think you love him..."

"Papa, how can I NOT love him? He loves me for the person I have always believed myself to be. I feel like I have never been happy before in my life... You should see his face when I first walk into his view after we have been apart for awhile - he positively GLOWS with delight!"

"Do you also 'glow', Daughter?" There was the slightest ironic tone to the question.

"I do not claim to be a nun, Papa. But he treats me with the greatest affection and gentleness... he makes me feel like a little girl again - all giddy with a crush. Except this crush does not lessen - he searches his soul for new ways to make me smile. He plays harmless little pranks to make me giggle.... He makes me happy, Papa... He simply makes me happy." The last statement was delivered in such soft, understated tones, and with such a glitter of happiness in her eyes, it was impossible to disbelieve it.

"Well, it is true - it has been many years since I have seen you so happy. But do you really need to wed this man?"

"He told me we should name our first son after you, Papa." She smiled warmly to her father, squeezing his hand. The man's eyes widened. "He says he father of such a person as me must be a great man and thus remembered."

"Did he really say that, Daughter?" She instantly perceived the slight upturn of his lips.

"I swear it, Papa."

"You're not?........" Alena giggled at the unfinished question.

"Of course not, Papa! He says we must be properly wed first!"

"But he is not handsome..."

"He is the most handsome man in the world... after you, of course!" :wink:

"He is too heavy!..."

"He needs to be that way that he will have room for his enourmous heart," she said with a dazzling grin. Her grin deepened as she saw the man's resolve dissolving before her eyes. She was very much accustomed to getting her way.

"He hasn't enough money!"

"We need it not, Papa! For it cannot buy what most we need - Love and Happiness. We do not need to spend money to enjoy each other - on our last date, can you guess what we did? We baked cookies, and after they had cooled, we drove around on his motorcycle, giving them away to friends. It was FUN, Papa!" Knowing his daughter had the best of him yet again, the man grinned a lopsided grin.

"You will want for nothing!"

"Please do not give us money, Papa!I have told him only that you are wealthy, and he cares not. Neither do I, Papa. And neither will you when you come to terms that he will be the father of your grandchildren. When you hold your grandson of your own name, you will finally see how little money matters."

"But I must give you SOMETHING, Daughter... Aha! Big custom motorcycles! Matching! Yes, I see it now!... Daughter, I am ready to meet this man of yours."

"You will like him, Papa - he will look you right in the eye and try to tear your arm off with his strong grip!" The man laughed aloud....

*sometime later*

Mikey and Alena have just left Morrie & Flossie's. They push baby Boris in a stroller while Flossie holds her baby girl's arm and causing it to wave goodby to baby Boris.

"Sweetness," Mikey said, ( his pet name for her) I have the ODDEST feeling Baby Borya ( the Russian baby name for Boris) and little Fannie are going to give us grey hair in the end!"

Laughing, the couple walked home, pushing their baby and holding hands very affectionately.

*Thus endeth the sappy adventures of Flossie & her pals* :oops:

Hunt 101 is down, but I will post a couple pics to illustrate the tale whe it comes back up. SW

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Thanks Hogger, that was worth waiting for, look forward to the illustrayshuns :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Thanks for the kind words!! :D I LIKES sappy stories with happy endings! Watch for pics of Alena - maybe even Sasha the seal! SW

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Interesting read.... and place names!

"All clear, roads open now, yes Ma'am"


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Okay, I was finally able to get a couple pics. The 1st is a 'private' one for Mikey. Don't rat me out on this as I do not want a visit in the middle of the night by her Dad's ex-KGB thugs! :shock:

The 2nd is of Alena during her army days. She was submachinegun champ of the entire Russky army!

Which brings up an interesting question: Your sweetie has a black belt in karate, her Dad is an organized crime boss & she can shoot the ears off a gnat @ 50 paces with a PPSh. Where do you take her on the 1st date?

Well, DUH! Where EVER she wants!! :wink: SW

OOPS!! Almost forgot a pic of Alena's pal, Sasha. The caption: "I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a fish-wich today!" :D

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