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Fox News rerports this morning that PETA workers were rounded up by North Carolina investigators after a stakeout where pet animal bodies were being thrown into dumpsters..hundreds of bodies..

This first day of summer Fox News has interviewed top nannies of PETA at their super-deluxe , multi-story complex..

The culprits were apparently being given displaced pets after promising to "find homes" for them...

When Fox news interviewed some of the head whiners at PETA's super-deluxe, multi-storied complex, the only excuse they seemed to offer was (paraphrased).." When we kill them it doesn't hurt as much".

Neil Cavuto directly informed them that they are hypocrites...

After seeing that huge , fancy looks like the old, old story...."FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL".

These are the same people who have said they would rather see a hound "put to sleep" rather than be used for hunting purposes. With logic like that, who could ever warm up to their cause?

I have no knowledge of their salaries but I bet their loudest desk pounders are drawing huge salaries at the expense of little old ladies contributing to what they believe is a worthwhile cause.

I try not to watch TV until the evenings but I wonder if Fox related just how these animals died.
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