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I bought the Taurus G2c a couple of years ago when they were under $200. I was curious since it was getting so many rave reviews.

I found it to be a pretty cool little gun that worked well and was reasonably accurate. Excellent ergonomics and size.

The only negatives were that the slide finish was extremely fragile and the trigger was awful. Trigger takeup was long with a super annoying "catch" in the middle of the pull. If you pushed the trigger to one side or the other while pulling it, the "catch" almost stopped travel. Then it had a somewhat mushy 5lb let off. Reset was fine.

Went online and searched for a solution. Seems that not all pistols had the catch and there was no solution. Gun was a novelty so put it back on the rack and forgot about it. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning guns and grabbed the little Taurus. I remembered how great it felt in the hand and just that trigger ruined the pistol.

So I took it completely apart and studied the internals. After a few minutes, I realized that the dingle on the trigger was attached to a hook that was supposed to disengage the trigger assembly when pressed. Supposed to keep the trigger from moving rearward unless it is being pressed intentionally. That hook was not clearing the stop fully and causing the "catch" sensation.

So I used a tiny file and rounded the hook a bit and it solved it. It still functions as intended, but the catch is gone.

Just an FYI if you bought one of these interesting and cheap little guns and have the trigger issue.

The hook that needs filed:

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