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First shoot with my new 1894c

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Went to the indoor range with the new 357 1894c this morning. ( A remlin as some of you folks say ) It worked just fine, no feeding, cycling issues - just new gun stiff. I did not fill the tube completely as I tend to shoot in 5 shot groups - just me. I used 3 different types of loads and the only one I was dissappointed with were the Hornady Lever Revolution 140 gr FTX which was all over the place - no consistency.

I also shot some 158 gr semi jacketed soft points which grouped quite well. I was only shooting with the factory sights at 15 yds because at the range max of 25 yds could hardly see the targets, it's like shooting into a cave.

The best groups came with Remington 125 gr SJHPs. I wasn't shooting for scores ( I'm not a serious target guy ) just to see how the new gun handled. Knew when I bought it that the sights would be replaced quite quickly. The boys at Skinner will be hearing from me soon.

So it looks like a 4x or 6x scope for the 336 and a cool looking set of Skinner "Black Gold" peeps on the 1894c.
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Glad to hear your gun works well. I know what you mean about trying to see the target at the end of an indoor range, the one I go to is quite dark.
GH1 :)
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