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I'm no big guy, or tough guy, but the CB is only bad on the bench. Off hand or when hunting I've never felt it or gotten a bruise. On the bench if the loads are above 36gr of IMR4198 they will leave a mark on me. It's the position of your body, more prone, when on the bench.

I wish the CB had a good recoil pad but I have avoided that to keep the traditional look. When at the bench, now I use one of those slip on rubber-like pads to soften the blow if I am using high end rounds like Hornady LE. The LOP is greater but doesn't really get noticed since it is on the bench only.

I will likely move completely to the slower 405 loads like 32-35gr IMR4198 or 24+ in 2400 if I ever get enough range time to calculate trajectories beyond 100 yards. Lighter recoil = more practice time and greater accuracy overall. IMHO
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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